Conquering that mountain

Truth is… I was terrified to climb up these six flights of stairs to the top of this tower. I already get nervous near the edges when I’m at the top of the mountain, this was even further. I analyzed every scenario of what could happen. My knee was starting to really hurt and the stairs were going to be so hard on it. We still had to go 1.9 miles down. But I did it. I had a mini panic attack at the halfway mark. I didn’t think I could go further. But I kept pushing and then I got there. I couldn’t bring myself to let go of the sides.. but I did it. I was so excited to share my what if I can moment. What if I could make it to the top? I couldn’t help but imagine what that view would be like and I didn’t want to miss it. I was proud of myself. I Couldn’t walk later with my knee, but I conquered my fear and the reward was so great. Who else has had a what if I can moment lately?

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