Sun, stress, anxiety

This post comes to you from my very empty, covered, community pool. It’s crazy to think how drastically life has changed in the last 3 months. This has been a hard time for everyone. It is especially difficult for those of us with anxiety. It took me at least 20 minutes to muster up the courage to come sit outside (and no one is even out here). It took fifteen minutes of getting over what will people think and five minutes of stressing over what I’d wear out there (if I’m being realistic more like 10 mins).

With so much uncertainty going on around me, my anxiety is at an all time high. I’ve come up with my own ways to manage it over the years but all my normal tricks aren’t covering it. I’ve been exercising like crazy and trying not to eat my feelings (key word trying). I signed up for a virtual race to keep me focused and set on a goal! But I need more. I’ve been trying to come up with what else to do. What have others been doing?

Here’s me on one of my many walks/runs per day! Reppin our new hats and my first half marathon tee!

Managing in uncertain times

4/25/20 – Faith Marie

Lately life has kind of been all over the place. Being a manager at a grocery store during a global pandemic is causing me a lot of anxiety. Running and working out has been such a good release for me throughout my life. I am so thankful to be as active as I am during this trying period. Today’s workout was so needed and kind of different from my typical day. I had all intentions of just going for a run and then coming home and doing a beach body workout. However, after my run I proceeded to walk my dog and then walk the neighborhood with my mom. For anyone that knows me personally, actually getting to spend time with my mom takes some serious planning. It is days like today that really help me get through everything. The quality time hitting the pavement with family and my puppy really helped me.  What is your favorite outcome from your workouts?

While I hate that we are all going through this pandemic I am very grateful for some of the outcomes of it. The extra time away from work helped my mom start walking and getting healthier. It has helped free up more time for me to spend walking my dog and exploring my neighborhood. I have saved money since I can’t got to a winery every weekend(not happy I’m missing out on my wine). I think we really have to focus on the positive outcomes right now to help us get through this crisis.